Holiday Time


My son Greg was home from San Diego for Thanksgiving. It was great to spend time with him and enjoyed his time with Declan. Shopping, going to the park & visiting Santa, you name is Declan & I did it! We cover some ground when we are together! Finishing up December going to Las Vegas with some old friends to race cars. Yes we had fun...and lived another day :) 


Mary's News

The holiday season was busy buy joyous! I took the girls to see Wicked and it was amazing. Every year we try to go to at least one musical. We had such a fun time visiting with Santa this year at the Mini Bar. They even had special Christmas donuts for us - YUM! THis Christmas was magical with the kids. Isabella had the honor of being in the court of one of her friends quinceanera party. We had so much fun and what a great experience for her. I have been loving this warm waether that we have had and excited for more to come. 


Stephanie's News

What a great few months my family has had! We took a girl's trip to Atlanta with some friend and we were able to do so much fun stuff! We went to the festival in Centennial Park, the Coca-Cola Museum and the Georgia Aquarium. Christmas was great! I love spending time with family and the older Ava gets the more I really cherish it. We went to Gatlinburg, TN for New Years and even though it didn't snow this year, we had a great time. We hiked Roaring Fork and Laurel Falls and the views were spectacular! We are looking forward for the Spring season of softball to start!



- Your Hana Financial Team!